The industrial sector and its applications have been significantly impacted by the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the associated rise in automation. To anticipate and fulfill industry demands, SURFACE headquartered in Shanghai and Shenzhen is a national leader in high-tech for Industry 4.0  focusing on AI-powered innovative surface applications such as milling, sanding, trimming, welding and whatnot.
As one of the best local companies specializing in industrial robotic sanding solutions for composite materials, SURFACE has patented hardware modules and artificial intelligence software (ROBOPILOT®), empowering users to the next generation of smart factories. SURFACE provides our clients with turnkey solutions. We specialize in eco-friendly, high-performance, and adaptable sanding solutions for industrial 4.0 smart factories.
ROI<18 months
4-5  workers replaced per solution,
15-20%  savings of consumables cost
We provide you with modules (hardware &software) able to substitute 4 to 5 people simultaneously, to operate 24/7 with a higher efficiency in terms of precision and output. We also guarantee a return on investment within 18 months for all of our solutions. Our software ROBOPILOT was designed to be user-friendly and does not require any prior programming experience to operate. In conclusion, ROBOPILOT is a very complete and convenient software for our customers.


The purpose of developing ROBOPILOT ® is to make it the simplest and most efficient programming tool for robot adaptive surface treatment on the market. ROBOPILOT ® is a user-friendly software platform designed to meet all market requirements, allowing its users to control robots without the need for additional software. ROBOPILOT represents the future of programming, and its constant innovation makes it a revolutionary tool for its users. We aspire to be the Market-leading provider of industrial surface treatment

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